CalculiX github and main website direct Link

¿Would it be possible to add Direct Links in the header of this Forum webpage to the main Calculix development code repository and Mr. Dhondt webpage.?

It really confusing and hard to find main development repository in between docens of branches , and other calculix versions, extensions… In fact the page that claims to be the CalculiXarchive for users and developers doesn’t work.

I mean two links somewhere here:


Please correctme if this are not the important ones?

That would be helpful. Especially since the GitHub repository is not so easy to find in Google (one reason is that there are links to the old repo).

Let’s ask @dhondt.

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It seems a GitHub is the best for repositories only, user not to posting any issue there since official forum is available here.

Issue, bug or limitation are valuable information for any user and shall immediately reporting in forums to warn. Probably, a specific category for this purpose is needed to add in Discourse CalculiX official forums.