CalculiX development on the commercial base

Dear authors, developers and users,

During the last 2.5 years I was working on the development of different tools for CalculiX. All projects were done in my free time and will remain free and open-source forever. Among them are:

I will continue working on CalculiX development and popularization, but in order to improve productivity something needs to be changed. My Idea is to work not only in my free time from home, but also during working hours. Now I work as a Python developer 3 day per week for the VolksWagen Group, and I have 2 days (16 hours) per week unloaded. It would be cool (actually, this is my dream) if I could devote those 2 days to the CalculiX development. But since I work in a commercial company, the time has to be paid.

My question to the community is if someone has a budget for such type of cooperation? Working hours in Czech Republic are much cheaper than in Germany. Is it possible if MTU Aero Engines signs some kind of cooperation with a company Iā€™m employed in?

Best regards,
Ing. Ihor Mirzov, PhD,
+420 606 471 603
Czech Republic

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