User orientation subroutine?


I am working with orthotropic models of timber boards. For this, I obviously need to specify material orientations across the model elements. I see that I can do this on a per-element basis using the *DISTRIBUTION card - this is fine and works as it should :slight_smile:

I also have a model for Abaqus which uses a material orientation subroutine (orient.f) to specify orientation per integration point (not per-element) from external data.

Is something similar possible in CalculiX? Looking through the source code, there doesn’t seem to be any uorient.f similar to the umat.f examples for customizing materials, so it doesn’t look like such a subroutine is implemented… but I am still new to the guts of CalculiX.

If I have missed something and it is - in fact - possible to do this, I would be very grateful for any tips or pointers on how this could be implemented!

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Currently, *DISTRIBUTION is the only option. Moreover, it works only with solid elements.

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Thanks! Do you know if there are any plans to develop further in this area?

I don’t think it’s planned but you can ask the dev:

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Hi @tsvilans, I believe you can code your umat.f to assign individual orientations per integration point; it will probably need to be hard-coded. You could also create a uorient.f that gets called if, for example, you add an extra argument.

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