Hello, I’m comparing for a simple Static Analysis the Plastic Strain obtained with Calculix and thos obtained with the same model with ABAQUS. I’m discovering some differencies.
The variable that I’m using are:
TOTSTRAIN:MISES (for Calculix)
Is it correct this comparison or which variable have I to use in Calculix that can be comparable withe the PEEQ of ABAQUS?


In CalculiX, PE corresponds to PEEQ in Abaqus. You have to manually add it to output requests.

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probably, a plot of PE in CalculiX can have a bit different compared to PEEQ in Abaqus due to 25% ranges of discrepancies in element contribution share common nodes.

Averaging in Abaqus can be modified or even disabled.


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indeed, it seems Avg. 75% such as PEEQ given in original post is always the default value of result plot in Abaqus.

Yes, Abaqus always uses averaging threshold of 75% by default. We often disable it completely for verification purposes.