There is no Dataset

I did

div auto 0.001

in the following code and Datasets are not available, why?

valu Etyp he20r

# Length of the beam in meters, converted from mm
valu L / 1065 1000
# valu divL 213
# Width of the beam in meters, converted from mm
valu B / 5 1000
# valu divB 4
# first partial height in meters, converted from mm
valu H1 / 38.2 1000
# valu divH1 8
# Second partial height in meters, converted from mm
valu H2 / 9.8 1000
# H2 is now devided in 8 instead of 4
# valu divH2 8
# Pressure in Pa (N/m2), coverted from MPa (N/mm2)
valu P * 127.5 1e6

seto beam
pnt p0 0 0 0
pnt p1 0 L 0

line l0 p0 p1
seta se0 l l0
seta sp0 p p0
swep sp0 sp1 tra 0 L 0
seta se0 l all

swep se0 se1 tra B 0 0
seta ses0 A001

swep ses0 ses1 tra 0 0 H1

seta rear A005
seta front A006
comp rear e
rep rear
comp rear f
rep rear

comp front e
rep front
comp front f
rep front

seta extend A002
swep extend extended tra 0 0 H2

setc beam

div beam auto 0.001
elty beam Etyp
mesh beam
send beam abq

seta a n 35983
# seta b n 590
# seta c n 1662
send a abq spc 123
# send b abq spc 3
# send c abq spc 13
send rear abq surf
send front abq surf
send rear abq pres P
send front abq pres P
plot f rear g
plus f front r

div beam auto

just hangs the Calculix and does nothing

The default maximum element length for auto is larger than your model is long.

Please ignore this; I misread the documentation.

Is there any way to configure the default maximum element length for auto?

Just use for e.g. div all auto 0.05 in your input file.

I will put it another way, how did you arrive at the conclusion?

In this thread your example has body B002 inside body B001 not sure if this was your intent, it will cause problems.

In your previous thread the bodies were separate

and I showed how to achieve your required element size.

the individual divisions in this fbd file with separate bodies could be replaced with a single command
“div all auto 0.00125”
to achieve the same effect, a ~2.5x2.5x2.5mm element sizing

Well, I misinterpreted the documentation. :frowning:

You can see the default values for the div parameters by just typing div without arguments into cgx. When I do that, I get:

auto mode: lmax:5.000000e-08 angle:7.5 ratio:0.300

I appreciate it. Thank you.

I gave it a thought. Thank you.