Strain rate material model

Hello. Does calculix has strain rate depended model or it is available subroutine ?
It is possible to create strain depndet model for example in MFront and implementation in Calculix ?

Also I would like to ask about adaptive hex mesh refinement DURING simulations, it is possible in Code Aster ?

CalculiX doesn’t support strain-rate dependence of material models. You would need a UMAT subroutine for this purpose.

For questions regarding Code Aster I would recommend its user forum.

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there’s a feature by keyword to do automatically mesh refinement based on stress.


however it seems only tetrahedral linear or quadratic element is acceptable

Elements in the input deck other than tetrahedral elements remain untouched.

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Yeah, but it’s in CalculiX and the OP was (for some reason) asking about such a feature in Code Aster.
This can be useful: