Setting displacement from previous step to zero

I am trying to test calculix vs plaxis for excavation problem. Plaxis always has first step called ‘historical stress state’ based on gravity load. Displacements from this stage are useless, In calculix I am using *change solid section card to simulate excavation of a soil. Is it possible to eliminate displacements results from the first step to have ability to analyze it on the second step after excavation?

Maybe you could export the deformed mesh for use in subsequent analysis and apply initial stress to it if needed. This way displacements would start from zero in the second stage of the simulation.

Thank you but it is not working in this special case. the reason of obtaining initial stress state is determining plastic points for Mohr-Coulomb model. Getting deformed mesh for rectangular area under gravity load is not interesting, because it is the same pretty much
This option is very special and it is not necessarily possible in Calculix
just wondering if it is

I’m not sure what you need for your calc.,
you can read out the initial stress and
apply on the original (deformed mesh)!?

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is that possible to take stress from one step and map it as initial to another step?
I guess so, but don’t remember exactly this option