Section calculation to Calculix

A beam strongly connected to wall with one end has a force applied on the other end, As for section calculation is all good but the calculation was done to be used in Calculix, so in Calculix the beam becomes shelf, length of beam becomes width of shelf, do I have to distribute the force along the length of the shelf or to do something else with the force and then to distribute? May you explain me how to bring calculated data in 2d world into 3d wold.

Let’s clarify this a bit - are you talking about beam elements which have a form of a 1D line and cross-section is defined as parameters under *BEAM SECTION ? Or maybe shell elements which have a form of a 2D surface and thickness is defined as parameter under *SHELL SECTION ? Can you share some screenshots or sketches ?

It is a humble try to test the theory of plane sections on welding deformations. All calcs are for T-beam. As I draw the following sketch I understood that you are the one to figure out what I am up to. How to attach files?

This is a link to my files

The force I thought to obtain with an idea that welding seam outer layers being cool down first I would approximate to one mm depth and one cm in length. Multiplying welding depth and length and yield stress I get my force to apply on calculix model, my brain’s are about to explode if I repeat my first message. Definitely I need your help, if you provide any courses on calculix count me in.



All right, so your main doubt is how to apply the force to the equivalent model using beam elements in CalculiX. Basically, there are two options:

  • use *CLOAD to apply concentrated forces to individual nodes of the beam mesh, with the help of *TRANSFORM you could also make the forces act in different directions than those resulting from the global coordinate system
  • use *DLOAD to apply pressure to beam elements

Of course, if you want the load to act only on a certain span of the beam, you will have to make sure that nodes and beam elements are located there (so the mesh might need local refinement).

You could also test your calculations done for 2D section - CalculiX has plane stress and plane strain elements.