Removing prescribed displacement Boundary condition in subsequent steps

Greetings to everyone.

My question concerns a prescribed displacement Boundary condition that will be released in the following steps.
One possibility is to save the results of a simulation and then use the *INITIAL CONDITION, which appears to be a bit confusing in CalculiX (using *dat file).
This is the best course of action.

If the first approach fails, is there any way to remove the prescribed boundary condition in the subsequent steps?
I want to completely disable it and avoid assigning a new displacement value.

Many thanks.

maybe these can help you!?

Hello again,
Thank you for your suggestion.
The OP=NEW option is applicable for the cases that a new displacement is prescribed in the new step.
What I want is removing any prescribed boundary condition.
Is there any way to use this option to release the structure from the previous prescribed displacement?

That’s just how it works. Quote from the User’s Manual:

OP=NEW implies that previously prescribed displacements are removed.

You don’t have to define new BCs after *BOUNDARY, OP=NEW.

There’s also *BOUNDARY, FIXED option but it freezes the deformation from the previous step.