Pastix4Calculix compilation error on linux mint

Hello, did some guys complete this previous compilation problem?

  • parsec (pastix 6.0.2) related to libhwloc / libscotch was failed in compilation with pastix
  • if pastix (6.0.2 or below or Pastix4calculix) the “CUDA” problem will occur as same as this problem.
  • if pastix (6.2 or above) the “PARSEC” problem will occur instead “CUDA”, the format of problem are same
  • But, acutually, I already successed the MPI version and no-MPI version and runtime version and
    no-runtime version wil pastix(6.2 or above) a few days ago
  • Unfortunately, the final compilation with Calculix will be failed due to lacking of CUDA.
  • Aftering installation of CUDA-11.6, the version without cuda does not work anymore even compilation with pastix but parsec is fine.

I am not sure about the difficulty, I wanna know if anyone successed to install and compile this pastix4calculix, if there is any essential instructions about compilation, I am appreciating a lot for that.

Thanks, BTW, Please help.

kind regards,

Updating: (Following Precice instruction)


Screenshot from 2022-12-27 22-18-08

cmake error log in build_pastix [partial]