Issue with face names (export dflux & film)

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
CalculiX Launcher v2
Salome v9.3.0

I made a simple box geometry and meshed with Hexahedral (C3D8) elements using Salome.
Then I exported the .unv mesh.

Using the CalculiX launcher I converted the mesh from .unv to .inp.
And I opened the mesh using the pre-processor. (cgx -c Mesh_Coarse.inp)

I am trying to export .dfl and .flm file, but when I do the following:

plot fa all b

I see this:

Is this normal?
What might be causing this?

Here is the contents of the exported file:

** DFlux based on interface
1, S?, 0.000000e+00
2, S?, 0.000000e+00
3, S?, 0.000000e+00
4, S?, 0.000000e+00
5, S?, 0.000000e+00
6, S?, 0.000000e+00
7, S?, 0.000000e+00
8, S?, 0.000000e+00
9, S?, 0.000000e+00
10, S?, 0.000000e+00
** Film based on interface
1, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
2, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
3, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
4, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
5, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
6, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
7, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
8, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
9, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03
10, F?, 300.000000, 4.000000e+03

Please let me know if I should add any other details.
#preprocessing #cgx #dflux #film #send

Please, could you post contents of the INP file? Maybe it was converted with mistakes.

@imirzov I could not upload the .inp file directly.
But here is the drive link for the files. Please let me know if you can access the.

This has all the files. (.hdf, .unv, .inp and the exported .dfl and .flm.)

I tried to export the mesh once again, and I could see the face numbers.
I don’t know what the issue was/is.

This happened totally randomly. I will let you know if I am able to run the example.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I’ve checked Mesh_Coarse with unv2ccx. Looks like you’ve converted UNV to INP correctly. So the reason might be another. Good luck!

Ok, thank you for checking the files.