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I would like to properly model a rubber (NBR) element in my FE analysis. I would use an *HYPERELASTIC material, using one of the avaliable models in ccx. Unfortunately, I do not manage to find a good set of numbers to feed the material model for, e.g., an NBR 60 shoreA. I do not need a very accurate constitutive model; the expected maximum deformation is indeed small and the aim of this activity is mainly to compare different geometries and material hardnesses.

Do you know if there is a repository or papers or websites where I can find such information?

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Just Google it: nitrile butadiene rubber 60 shore A Mooney Rivlin.

Plenty of information about NBR like:

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Thank you for the paper. I am going to read it!

In such cases, it’s best to use simpler hyperelastic models. As usually, Researchgate comes to the help: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Estimated-hyperelastic-coefficients-of-shore-75-A-natural-rubber_tbl1_319214496

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Reasonable Mooney-Rivlin coefficients for different durometers. (Use at your own risk)

35A_hyper c10= 0.162 MPa c01= 0.041 MPa
40A_hyper c10= 0.181 MPa c01= 0.045 MPa
45A_hyper c10= 0.232 MPa c01= 0.058 MPa
50A_hyper c10= 0.302 MPa c01= 0.076 MPa
55A_hyper c10= 0.382 MPa c01= 0.096 MPa
60A_hyper c10= 0.474 MPa c01= 0.118 MPa
65A_hyper c10= 0.586 MPa c01= 0.147 MPa
70A_hyper c10= 0.736 MPa c01= 0.184 MPa
80A_hyper c10= 0.952 MPa c01= 0.240 MPa
85A_hyper c10= 1.069 MPa c01= 0.260 MPa
90A_hyper c10= 1.168 MPa c01= 0.297 MPa
110A_hyper c10= 1.35 MPa c01= 0.346 MPa