How to set the displacement function (sin (time)) for a grid

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How do I set motion functions for nodes?

I want to set a driver function (y=sin (time)) for nodes on one of the faces of the model,in order to move the model up and down. I have found a way to set a.txt file to load Amplitude, but in this way, I need to write a.txt file. (Possible to provide external file as input for loads?)

Question:Can I input it directly as a function? For example: *AMPLITUDE=sin (t)?
Or is reading TXT the only way?

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Abaqus offers periodic amplitude type for such purposes. In CalculiX you would have to define the amplitude in standard tabular form:

time1, amplitude1, time2, amplitude2, …

or use the uamplitude.f subroutine.

Thank you very much,I’ll give it a try