How to make a surface (or may it be a set) of several of them?

I want to make a surface (or may it be a set?) of A00A A00F A00K A00P A00U A00Z A014 surfaces from the following.

valu Etyp he8

valu thckw 4
valu wdths 150
valu bns 25
valu leg 4

valu a1 48
valu b1 4
valu c1 17
valu d1 4
valu tf 4
valu d2 4
valu c2 17
valu b2 4
valu a2 48

seto shelf
pnt p0 0 0 0
pnt p1 0 0 1000

line l0 p0 p1
seta se0 l l0

swep se0 ses0 tra 0 4 0 2

seta ses1 A001
swep ses1 ses2 tra a1 0 0 4
swep ses2 ses3 tra b1 0 0 2
swep ses3 ses4 tra c1 0 0 4
swep ses4 ses5 tra d1 0 0 2
swep ses5 ses6 tra tf 0 0 2
swep ses6 ses7 tra d2 0 0 2
swep ses7 ses8 tra c2 0 0 4
swep ses8 ses9 tra b2 0 0 2
swep ses9 ses10 tra a2 0 0 4

#seta bp D00D
#seta one A007
#seta two s A00E
#seta three A00D

setc shelf

Do the following

plot f shelf
view elem
qadd setofyoursurface
then press
point to surface you want to have it in setofyoursurface press f do the same to each surface to be added to setofyoursurface, press q in the end
send setofyoursurface abq press (magnitude of your pressure = number without parentheses)

and be happy