How is a Beam-Beam joint treated?


Does anyone know how is the joint of 2 or more beam elements treated in ABAQUS and/or CalculiX.

Is it a fixed type connection/joint or is there some stiffness prescribed to it based upon the beam material properties?


the beam-beam joint is treated very well!

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Please read the post also (and not just the title).

Abaqus and CalculiX beam element formulation may differs, beam element in CCX also treated as solid element by expanding nodes. As document says, It’s connecting by knot with MPC as rigid or fixed for beam and hinged for truss between each of end nodes.

Beam element in Abaqus has rotational release features, CalculiX does not. User need to assign manually by Equation for it’s coincident nodes.


Thanks a lot, @xyont.