Heat transfer unit dimensions in (N * mm)?

I used units as per ccx Table 1: Frequently used units in different unit systems. mm, N, s, K and I get stupefied with achieved heat transfer unit dimensions.

Body is a cube.

Excerpt from ccx manual “Now, since force = mass × length / time2 , we get that mass = force × time2/length. This leads to Ns2 /mm for the mass and Ns2 /mm4 for density.”

Or my formulas are not for use with the unit system mm, N, s, K, aren’t they?

My advice would be to stick to SI units [m,kg,s,K].

Then density is kg/m3, thermal conductivity is W/(mK) and specific heat is J/(kgK).

It will make your calculations less error-prone if you don’t have to do all kinds of conversions.

I gave it a deep thought but I did not find how to do geometry in meters or centimeters. cgx / ccx are unit less though.

Just specifiy distances and lengths in meters.
For example in the preprocessor file for cgx, you can do simple calculations when you define values, e.g. to convert [mm] to [m]:

# Body sides
valu a1 / 10 1000
valu a2 / 10 1000
# Body depth
valu d / 3 1000
# Temperature
valu Ti + 25 273.15

Strange thing I did not think of conversion at all, I thought of something else. What it is that else, no idea.

This table from Abaqus documentation can help you keep unit consistency:

Thank you for your reply.

A unit converter could be very useful too.
There are many out there.
I have been using Uconeer 2.4 for many years as it is super complete and free.
Not sure if you can still find it somewhere. Subsequent versions ended up being paid for.

Even Google can handle basic unit conversions but for more advanced cases you can use e.g. Wolfram Alpha, SMath or Calcpad.

@Disla, Calc_em I note your suggestions, thanks both of you.