Force and distance

I always wander what stretched force would be in a thread if it is tightened between two impossible to move briks and the thread, by any means becomes shorter just in one mm? Is there any solution?

Pre-tension section might be what you are looking for. You can apply displacement boundary condition to the reference node and obtain force as a result.

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Thank you, do you know a formula that pre-tension section was based on?

k_rod = section_area * elastic_modulus / length

F = k_rod * x

k_rod is stiffness
x is stretch or compression

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Internally, pre-tension section is realized by multiple point constraint (MPC). The rest belongs to FEM.

Well, well then,
Absolute longitudinal deformation
∆l = l1 - l
l1 - length of the thread after deformation
l - length before deformations

Relative longitudinal deformation
epsilon = ∆l / l

Tensile stress
sigma = E * epsilon

E - modulus of elasticity

And that is all.

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There’s also a formula that can be used to calculate pre-tension force based on applied torque.

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