Hi all, any help with the 2 below questions would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

  1. Can the *DYNAMIC,DIRECT,EXPLICIT procedure utilize multiple cores?
    Background: we experience no change in calculation time when increasing OMP_NUM_THREADS, ie from 6 to 12 – we have compiled with the _MT option and can see in spooles.out that 12 threads where used. Furthermore for IMPLICIT calculations we do see a speedup

  2. Is the *RIGID BODY card valid for *DYNAMIC,DIRECT,EXPLICIT?
    Background: When using *RIGID we see a “local” deformation in the body as you would normally see in deforming bodies

Check this thread, part (but only part) of explicit solver algorithm is not done in parallel:

When it comes to rigid body, it should work in explicit dynamics procedure as well. Apparently, you came across some bug. This issue would require further research. Can you share more details about this?

I am not familiar with *DYNAMIC, but if you are concerned about performance, then I would not use spooles… Intel compiler is now free which has pardiso…