Errors with *ORIENTATION

I suspect I am missing something simple, but I would much appreciate your advice.

I am calculating buckling in a sandwich structure. The shape is a so-called stellated icosahedron. I calculate for different values of a certain integer parameter n related to the number of edges. I am having no problems with n=1 and n=2, but for n=3 I start getting errors, such as

*ERROR reading *ORIENTATION: distribution
has not been defined

The relevant lines in the input:


Why is the number read as a name of a distribution?

Another (apparently, induced) error:

*ERROR reading *SOLID SECTION. Card image:

*ERROR reading *SOLID SECTION: nonexistent orientation

The relevant lines of input are the same.

The ccx input file is temporarily at , but the zipped file is very large (about 100 MB).

Another thing I don’t understand. When I click on the ccx input file, I get numerous messages:

ERROR in seta: A negative entity-index:-1 was used in set +dlo

I use a Linux ccx_2.19_MT executable from

Thank you

CalculiX (just as ABAQUS) reads reals with the f20.0 Fortran format.

-4.265755714034968e-5 has more than 20 chars.

Just remove the last decimal



This is only mentioned for the UEL subroutine. Abaqus can read longer numbers in the input deck:



CalculiX would read this as approximately 2.93.

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It seems this has worked! Thank you very much indeed! Would be difficult for me to guess.