Dynamic simulation of a hyperelastic beam

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to conduct a dynamic simulation of a hyperelastic beam. We applied linear elastic material first successfully.
Then I tried to use hyper-elastic with *dynamic method, but failed. The deformation is very strange and the simulation diverses in the following time steps. The beam deformation is shown after the simulation.

I use SI unit system in the simulation, the dimension of the beam is 0.13m0.01m0.01m.
If I change the unit from m to mm, with a beam size of 1301010, the simulation can be run successfully.
Anyone knows what is the reason and how to avoid it? I can only use SI unit system for some reason.


Maybe your SI(m) model has inconsistent units (for example material constants are wrong). Double check the correctness of all values.

Apart from that, can you attach a picture showing the undeformed mesh and possibly also boundary condition and load symbols ? This would help us verify the correctness of this model.

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As @Calc_em mentioned, check your units - that would be my first step.
Why can’t you just use mm-SI units?

Thanks! it seems the units used for the material parameters were wrong. I modified it and the problem is solved!

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