CCX 2.20 not work on my Xubuntu 22.04 installation


Until last year, I was able to run CCX programs provided by Guido Dhondt with Xubuntu 18.04 and 20.4. For 22.04, I cannot make it run since a Fortran library is missing:

I cannot find in Ubuntu repository the proper package for this library. I try to install fort77 and gfortran packages hoping that this library would be provided along but I have still the same issue.

Does someone have this issue on Ubuntu ?

The required package is “libgfortran4”. It may be possible to install even if not part of the standard setup.

I found a package for a previous version of Ubuntu (focal) at UbuntuUpdates - Package "libgfortran4" (focal 20.04)libgfortran4_7.5.0-6ubuntu2_amd64.deb
But I cannot install the package with dpkg: it seems it is not a debian archive…

You can always compile the program. Ive already posted a makefile and instructions which would probably work (this is with spooles only…)

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thank you @jlucas, but I am not comfortable with compiling CCX. I will keep it as a last resort.

I found an old CCX 2.17 in Ubuntu repo and installed it. It does not solve the library issue for CCX 2.20 but it does run without error. A mystery to me…