CCX 2.16 Cylindrical Bodies in Contac, *CLEARANCE Card


I’m trying to simulate mechanical contact between two cylindrical bodies with CCX 2.16. e.g press fit
I’m testing the case with different mesh density between two bodies - I’d like to know if CCX can handle artificial penetration resulting from discretization error at curvature i.e., use user provided gap/penetration instead of value calculated from the mesh. My goal is to model perfectly matched bodies no gap/penetration. Please refer to the attached picture.

I tried to use *CLEARANCE, card with value 0.0 - my understanding is that each penetration/gap should be then replaced with 0.0 value but it seems to not work. CCX keeps treating master nodes penetrating into slave surface as real penetration and I’m getting artificially high contact pressure. The problem is 3D, I’m using C3D8 elements

Can anyone advise how to handle this problem, or provide example for *CLEARANCE card usage?



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