Can calculix apply geostatic step?

Hi everyone:
I’m new to Calculix. I used to use Abaqus to solve soil mechanic problems. Recently, I turn to open souce software. And I found Calculix had adopted the same input name as Abaqus which prompted me to learn using Calculix :slight_smile: . However, in the help doucumentation of Calculix, I didnt find a key word called " *Geostatic “.
" Geostatic” in Abaqus will do geo-stress equilibrium under gravity without deformation. the Geo-stress balance process without deformation is commonly used in soil mechanic analysis.
I’m wondering whether Calculix have analogous function just as " *Geostatic "?

Just do a static step. It’s essentially the same thing anyway, the only difference being that Abaqus will iterate for you if your initial stress distribution is inaccurate whereas you’ll have to take a more manual approach in Calculix.