CalculiX speed up (interesting websites)

Interesting article: Performance Improvements by More Than 30% and a Data Race Fixed for CalculiX Code | Performance Optimisation and Productivity


Quite interesting! Would be great to have these updates in the original source, lets hope.

This organisation has also very interesting videos online FYI:

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hi @rafal.brzegowy

there’s another one from NEC who claims to be five times faster than SPOOLES and two times faster than PARDISO.


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Interesting. The NEC link is described on the site: Applications?

I would guess that the NEC solution is using another linear solver which is proprietary software. On the other hand, the link from @rafal.brzegowy at the top shows a CalculiX code optimization. Is seems that I/O optimization has the biggest impact. If the code remains readable after such changes then such optimization is great. But Guido @dhondt would have to look at it and determine if it is doable/possible.

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As described at NEC websites, they have two solver. Another one it has been posted on GitHub are public and opensource if I understand correctly. However I did not try to compile on Windows since no expertise in these field, may someone can confirm.

Did the guys from POP (see link from @rafal.brzegowy ) publish their source code improvements?

I doubt it… I looked for it when I saw the link but no mentions of source code anywhere.